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How to Backup WordPress Site (Manually) तुरंत (फ्री)

क्या , आप अपनी Wordress Website / Blog का Backup लेना चाहते है तो आप बिलकुल सही जगह आये है . क्यूंकि आजके इस How to Article के माध्यम से मैं आपको अपनी WordPress website का Free में Backup लेने का तरीका बताऊंगा . जो आपको जानना बहुत जरुरी है अगर आप एक WordPress Website Owner / Learner है .

As a website owner, it’s crucial to have a backup plan in place for your WordPress website. Accidents happen, and your website could crash or get hacked, causing you to lose all of your hard work and valuable data. That’s why it’s essential to regularly back up your WordPress website. In this article, we will discuss how to backup your WordPress website from Hostinger.com hpannel in a few simple steps.

इस विडियो को भी देखें :- Hostinger में WordPress Website को Delete करके Re-Install कैसे करें | Install WordPress In Hostinger

Why Do You Need to Backup Your WordPress Website? :-

There are many reasons why you need to back up your WordPress website, some of which include:

  1. Data Loss: Your website could crash, or you could accidentally delete essential files, causing you to lose all of your data.
  2. Cybersecurity Threats: Hackers are always looking for ways to exploit vulnerabilities in websites. Having a backup of your website allows you to restore your site to its previous state if it gets hacked.
  3. Plugin or Theme Conflicts: Sometimes, installing a new plugin or theme can cause conflicts that result in your website crashing. Having a backup allows you to restore your website to its previous state before the new plugin or theme installation.
  4. Site Migration: If you plan to move your website to a new server, having a backup is essential to ensure that you don’t lose any data during the transfer.

How to backup wordpress website from hostinger Steps :-

Now that you understand the importance of backing up your WordPress website let’s move on to the steps involved.

  1. Log in to Hostinger.com hpanel

    अपने Hostinger की Hosting में Login कर लें और फिर file manager को Access कर ले .

  2. Now Select All Files Including Hidden files and select Download

    फिर आप अपनी Website के file manager से Root Folder या सिर्फ wordpress की सभी files को अपने PC Laptop /Mobile (Device) में download करना है जैसा आप नीचे विडियो में देख सकते है.

  3. Now You Need to Download Database of your Website

    फिर आपको अपने hosting में Database को select करना है और फिर PHPMyAdmin Option को Select करके अपने Data base की सभी file को Download करना है , जैसा आप नीचे विडियो में देख सकते हो .

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